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Relative contribution to the Plasmodium vivax infectious reservoir of individuals with symptomatic and asymptomatic infections.

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posted on 13.03.2020, 17:37 by Rodrigo M. Corder, Marcelo U. Ferreira, M. Gabriela M. Gomes

Model outputs consider different average durations of asymptomatic parasite carriage DA (DA = 30 days in panels A, D and G; 90 days in panels B, E and H; and 180 days in panels C, F and I) and different relative infectiousness (RI) of asymptomatic compared to symptomatic infections (RI = 1/2 in panels A, B and C; 1/10 in panels D, E and F; and 1/30 in panels G, H and I. For every combination of DA and RI, we simulated the average duration of infectiousness of symptomatic infections as either 4, 8 or 12 days.