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Relation between the magnitude of ACMS corticofugal effects on ABR responses and ACEP latencies.

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posted on 2016-05-19, 10:04 authored by Cristian Aedo, Gonzalo Terreros, Alex León, Paul H. Delano

Black squares and red circles correspond to the amplitude changes of individual ABR responses with ACMS and CBN in the KO and WT mice correspondingly (A: wave I; B: wave III; and C: wave V). All these corticofugal effects were obtained with ACEP latencies below 14 ms, which are suggestive of primary auditory cortex recording sites. Notice that the only significant correlation was between the latency of ACEP and the amplitude effects on wave V in the KO mice (Spearman correlation index: -0.833, p = 0.002), which suggest that longer ACEP latencies produce larger corticofugal effects on the inferior colliculus in KO mice.