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posted on 2021-03-24, 17:40 authored by Zachary M. Carico, Holden C. Stefan, Megan Justice, Askar Yimit, Jill M. Dowen

RAD21 ChIP-seq in SMC1A-R586W mESCs. A Correlation analysis and B principal component analysis of wildtype and R586W individual RAD21 ChIP-seq replicates. C Fingerprint analysis of individual and D merged RAD21 ChIP-seq replicates in wildtype and R586W mESCs. E Heatmaps displaying RAD21 signal in individual replicates across same set of peaks as in Fig 3B. F K27ac signal at K27ac peaks ≤1kb from a TSS. G K27ac signal at K27ac peaks >1kb from a TSS. H Overlap of indicated histone modification with WT RAD21 peaks or a merged list of SMC1A-R586W RAD21 peaks. I RAD21 ChIP signal at TSSs associated with upregulated or J downregulated genes in wildtype and R586W mESC clones.