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Regulation of IL-1β induction of COX-2 protein in human lung fibroblasts by the AhR is at the level of mRNA stability.

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posted on 2017-07-27, 18:06 authored by Michela Zago, Jared A. Sheridan, Hussein Traboulsi, Emelia Hecht, Yelu Zhang, Necola Guerrina, Jason Matthews, Parameswaran Nair, David H. Eidelman, Qutayba Hamid, Carolyn J. Baglole

(A) HLFs- AhR siRNA: There was significantly more Cox-2 mRNA remaining after induction with IL-1β in AhR knock-down cells. (B) A549-AhRKO: There was a significant decline in the percentage (%) of Cox-2 mRNA remaining within one hour after addition of ActD in A549-AhRWT cells (* p < 0.05; ** p< 0.01) but not in A549-AhRKO cells (ns). Results are expressed as mean ± SEM of 2 independent experiments.