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Regional comparison of the GWAS results within Spain to across Europe.

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posted on 25.01.2021, 18:45 by Benedict Wieters, Kim A. Steige, Fei He, Evan M. Koch, Sebastián E. Ramos-Onsins, Hongya Gu, Ya-Long Guo, Shamil Sunyaev, Juliette de Meaux

qq-plots comparing the GWAS data in S13 Fig (Spain, 117 genotypes, x-axis) to the data from S12 Fig (Europe, 201 genotypes, y-axis). The traits are Final Size (upper row), t50 (2nd row) and Slope (lower row) in HL (left column), LL (middle column) and their GxE (right column). The grey dotted line indicates the neutral expectation.