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Reduction of PRRSVSD23983 replication in autologous (gilt-2) MDM by non-CD8+ T-cells in PBMC from gilt-2.

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posted on 06.09.2018, 17:41 by Chungwon J. Chung, Sang-Ho Cha, Amanda L. Grimm, Dharani Ajithdoss, Joanna Rzepka, Grace Chung, Jieun Yu, William C. Davis, Chak-Sum Ho

Effector cells stimulated with heat-inactivated PRRSV for 7 days were added to the virus suppression assay wells containing MDM with (MOI 0.00005) or without infective PRRSV to incubate for 6 days. The suppression of PRRSV replication was calculated by percent reduction of the PRRSV-infected MDM in the presence of effector cells as compared to target cells alone.