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Recombinant 5LO exist as monomer as well as dimer.

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posted on 24.03.2016, 06:44 by Ramakrishnan B. Kumar, Lin Zhu, Helena Idborg, Olof Rådmark, Per-Johan Jakobsson, Agnes Rinaldo-Matthis, Hans Hebert, Caroline Jegerschöld

(A), Size exclusion chromatography of 5LO. Arrows indicate elution of standard proteins: Aldolase (158 kDa), Conalbumin (75 kDa). Peak 1 (retention volume 66 ml) corresponds to 5LO dimer. Peak 2 (retention volume 78 ml) corresponds to 5LO monomer. (B and C) SDS-PAGE of material in SEC peaks (lanes 1, from peak1; lanes 2, from peak 2) (B) Coomassie stained gel. (C) Western blot with 5LO antibody.