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Real-time PCR analysis of mRNA lipid profile in the liver.

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posted on 10.02.2014, 03:23 by Michelle L. Van Sinderen, Gregory R. Steinberg, Sebastian B. Jørgensen, Sarah Q. To, Kevin C. Knower, Colin D. Clyne, Jane Honeyman, Jenny D. Chow, Kerrie A. Herridge, Margaret E. E. Jones, Evan R. Simpson, Wah Chin Boon

Real-time-PCR analyses of Fasn, ACCα and Scd-1 mRNA expression were performed on cDNA derived from total RNA prepared from fasted liver tissue of (a) 3 and (b) 6 month-old male wildtype (WT, n = 8), aromatase knockout (KO, n = 8) and 2.5 µg/day 17β-estradiol-treated KO (KOE, n = 7) mice. Expression data from 7–8 samples per genotype are shown following normalization for cyclophilin mRNA expression, and presented from replicate analysis as the mean ± SD. *p<0.05, **p<0.01 and **p<0.001, versus expression in age-matched WT samples and ##p<0.01, ###p<0.001 versus KO samples.