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RP-HPLC analysis and stability.

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posted on 13.10.2020, 17:32 authored by Luciana Kovacs, Pablo Cabral, Roger Chammas

(A) RP-HPLC analysis of PAMAM G5 dendrimer-mannose-Cy7-HYNIC-Tfa UV (λ = 214) detector, the retention time was 9.10 min. (B) RP-HPLC analysis of radiolabeled 99mTc-HYNIC-dendrimers-mannose-Cy7, the retention time was 9.20 min. (C) Stability of 99mTc-HYNIC-dendrimers-mannose-Cy7 versus histidine and PBS. 100% was the total activity of the compound determined at time 0, n = 3 for each point on the graph.