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RNAseq demonstrates changes in gene expression in livers of CDAHFD-fed Cyp2b-null mice.

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posted on 2020-03-10, 17:46 authored by Melissa M. Heintz, Rebecca McRee, Ramiya Kumar, William S. Baldwin

Heat maps showing log2-transformed, Z-score scaled RNA-seq expression of significant differentially expressed genes (log2FC > 1.0) between CDAHFD-fed Cyp2b-null and CDAHFD-fed WT groups in female (A) and male (B) mice. Yellow and blue color intensity indicate gene up- or down-regulation, respectively. Dendrogram clustering on the y-axis groups genes by expression profile across samples. GO term enrichment analysis summary using Revigo [43] for up-regulated GO terms in CDAHFD-fed Cyp2b-null female (C) and male (D) mice compared to CDAHFD-fed WT mice. Each scatterplot contains enriched GO terms from the biological process class that remain after term redundancy is reduced and are displayed in a two-dimensional space where semantically similar GO terms are positioned closer together within the plot. Each circle represents an enriched GO term; the cooler the color of a term, the greater signficance (p < 0.05) of that term with measured changes in gene expression. Circle size indicates the frequency of the GO term in the underlying GO database, i.e. circles of more general terms are larger.