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RNA transfection assays indicate that HTLV-1 and REV-A 5′ UTR sequences lack IRES activity

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posted on 31.12.2011, 07:18 by Cheryl Bolinger, Alper Yilmaz, Tiffiney Roberts Hartman, Melinda Butsch Kovacic, Soledad Fernandez, Jianxin Ye, Mary Forget, Patrick L. Green, Kathleen Boris-Lawrie

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Taken from "RNA helicase A interacts with divergent lymphotropic retroviruses and promotes translation of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1"

Nucleic Acids Research 2007;35(8):2629-2642.

Published online 10 Apr 2007


© 2007 The Author(s)

Diagram of the synthetic bicistronic transcripts that were transcribed , capped, polyadenylated and transfected into HeLa cells. Labels are as described in . Northern blot with F-luc probe verified the homogeneous transcript populations. Dual Luciferase assays were performed on total cellular protein at 20 h post-transfection. Box plot analysis of the five independent experiments summarizes range of F-Luc activity with mean indicated by the internal line and extending lines connect box to extreme values. Tukey method was used to measure the significance level of each group relative to pNoIRESfs. Asterisk indicates -value that is statistically different from pNoIRESfs group.