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Quartz cores and manuports recovered from the excavations.

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posted on 2020-02-05, 18:29 authored by Mark W. Moore, Kira Westaway, June Ross, Kim Newman, Yinika Perston, Jillian Huntley, Samantha Keats, Michael J. Morwood

a) Unmodified quartz crystal manuport, Gunu Rock, Spit 8. This crystal is milky quartz, in contrast to, for instance, b & c. The ochre-like iron staining is likely non-cultural and derived from the crystal source. Iron staining is common in the crystal assemblage. b) Unmodified quartz crystal manuport, Gunu Rock, Spit 3. c-d) Quartz crystal cores flaked unifacially on the distal end. c) Gunu Rock, Spit 2. d) Gunu Cave, Spit 7. This artefact is internally fractured and crenated from exposure to heat. Scale bar 50 mm.