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Proteomic compositions of 40S pre-cursors from cells with or without Bud23.

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posted on 11.12.2020, 18:38 by Joshua J. Black, Richa Sardana, Ezzeddine W. Elmir, Arlen W. Johnson

Related to Fig 7. A heatmap of SSU biogenesis proteins that co-immunoprecipitated with Enp1-TAP in the presence (+) or absence (-) of Bud23 is shown. The scale spanning from 0 (white) to 1 (cyan) reflects the relative spectral abundance factor (RSAF). The RSAF was calculated by first normalizing the total number of spectral counts identified for a given protein to its molecular weight; these values were further normalized to the bait, Enp1, to reflect stoichiometry. RSAF values for each protein are shown within each cell. For each protein, the number of spectral counts identified in the presence or absence of Bud23 are shown in parentheses, respectively. Proteins that showed a significant increase or decrease relative to the + Bud23 sample and are listed in S9 Fig are denoted by an asterisks (*) colored blue or black, respectively. Proteins are grouped according to [7] or by known function. Heatmaps were generated in Graphpad Prism version 8.3.0 (328) for Mac iOS. The complete data for this figure are available in S2 Table.