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Projected Influences of Changes in Weather Severity on Autumn-Winter Distributions of Dabbling Ducks in the Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways during the Twenty-First Century - Fig 4

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posted on 2016-12-13, 18:39 authored by Michael Notaro, Michael Schummer, Yafang Zhong, Stephen Vavrus, Lena Van Den Elsen, John Coluccy, Christopher Hoving

Projected change in the mean number of days during autumn-winter (September through February) with at least 2.54 cm of snow on the ground by the (a-c) mid-21stand (d-f) late 21stcentury, compared to the late 20thcentury. Results are shown for the (a,d) six-model mean, (b,e) the model with the least loss of snowpack, and (c,f) the model with the greatest loss of snowpack.