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Profiling of cholesterol-related genes in the Cyp46a1-/- brain by PCR array.

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posted on 2017-10-26, 18:23 authored by Natalia Mast, Joseph B. Lin, Kyle W. Anderson, Ingemar Bjorkhem, Irina A. Pikuleva

A) Female 3–4 month old mice. B) Male 3–4 month old mice. For both female and male mice, a pooled sample of 3 brain hemispheres from different mice was used. Each circle indicates an individual gene in the PCR array. The up-regulated and down-regulated genes are in green and red, respectively (cutoff, 2.0, dashed line), and those with Ct numbers ≤ 30 are in bold. Genes in blue are those which were downregulated in both genders. The number in parenthesis indicates a fold change as compared to the wild type brain. Gene abbreviations are deciphered in S1 Text.