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Probabilities governing TU transitions in mechanisms 3 and 4.

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posted on 2018-02-02, 11:24 authored by Ryan C. Kennedy, Meir Marmor, Ralph Marcucio, C. Anthony Hunt

The center value is the probability each TU will have an opportunity to act each time step. The value at each shaded location specifies the probability that a transition event may occur at that location. The types of allowed transitions are illustrated in Fig 7. (A) The precondition for transition is that each of these four TU types have ≥ 4 Moore neighbors that are of the same type. (B) These are the three TU types that enter Target Region from the north. Their rules are different from counterparts in A. Gray* and burgundy* have no precondition for transition. They can transition into gray*, burgundy*, white, or green. The precondition for a blue* transition is that ≥ 4 Moore neighbors are blue* and/or are at the Target Region border. It can transition into gray, burgundy, teal, or blue.