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Principal component analysis of the relationships between variables.

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posted on 07.11.2016, 17:30 by Ramon A. Juste, Marta Alonso-Hearn, Joseba M. Garrido, Naiara Abendaño, Iker A. Sevilla, Christian Gortazar, José de la Fuente, Lucas Dominguez

Note that bacterial uptake is negatively correlated with humoral and cellular specific immune responses. The bacterial reduction exhibits no correlation with these specific variables. Bacterial reduction defines the second factor, which is weakly correlated with the non-specific IFN response. IFNBOV: IFN with bovine PPD; IFNAVI: IFN with avian PPD; IFNPBS: IFN blank; IDBOV: intradermal test with bovine PPD; IDAVI: intradermal test with avian PPD; IDPBS: intradermal test blank; CFU2H: M. bovis CFU logarithm at 2 h after culture inoculation; CFU 7D: M. bovis CFU logarithm at 7 days after culture inoculation; MYCRED: M. bovis CFU reduction between 2 h and 7 days after inoculation.