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Prevalence of children with high total serum IgE or with aeroallergen-specific serum IgE according to CPA error bars indicate 95% confidence interval (CI)

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posted on 2011-12-31, 02:51 authored by Alfred Bernard, Sylviane Carbonnelle, Claire de Burbure, Olivier Michel, Marc Nickmilder

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Taken from "Chlorinated Pool Attendance, Atopy, and the Risk of Asthma during Childhood"

Environmental Health Perspectives 2006;114(10):1567-1573.

Published online 8 Jun 2006


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The cutoff value of 56 kIU/L for total serum IgE corresponds to the 50th percentile of concentrations observed in the studied population. Numbers above error bars are upper limits of 95% CIs.