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Presence of myopia, tilt, oblique insertion, and beta PPA in examined optic discs.

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posted on 17.01.2018, 18:28 by Michael Yapp, George Rennie, Michael P. Hennessy, Michael Kalloniatis, Barbara Zangerl

Of all 209 investigated optic discs 69 were myopic, 111 tilted, 39 obliquely inserted and 80 presented with beta PPA, while 45 were not affected by any of these features. Distribution of these characteristics is displayed in a Venn diagram with 69 eyes characterised by a single change, 65 afflicted by two changes, 20 eyes displaying three and 10 eyes presented with all four of the assessed features. The combinations of myopia and oblique insertion as well as tilted discs and beta PPA were found to be significantly associated in pairwise comparison of the complete data set (*).