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Presence of RCC1L isoforms in mammalian species.

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posted on 31.07.2020, 17:43 by Aurelio Reyes, Paola Favia, Sara Vidoni, Vittoria Petruzzella, Massimo Zeviani

The presence of RCC1L isoforms was carried out in in Ensemble ( Representative mammalian species (common names on the left), representing nine different orders (on the right) and one outgroup species (chicken) were taken into consideration. Distinction between prosimian primates and anthropoid primates is marked in the figure. Red and white boxes indicate the presence or absence, respectively, of the isoform in each species based on Ensemble data. Pink boxes mean that the isoform is not reported in Ensemble for that species but it is in other species that share a common ancestor with the former ones. Therefore, they may have not been described yet in the database or less likely, they have been lost during evolution in those species.