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Ppk32 protein level is regulated by TOR signalling.

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posted on 2016-05-18, 11:36 authored by Katarzyna M. Kowalczyk, Janni Petersen

All strains are leucine autotrophs. (A, B, C) Western blot analyses of Ppk32, * indicates a background band. Early exponential cells were grown in rich medium (YES). Samples from indicated cultures were subjected to Western blot. (A) Cells were shifted from 25°C to 37°C for indicated time. Note an unknown background band is unregulated by the heat stress. (C) Torin1 was added. Ponceau S staining was used as a loading control. (D) Growth assay. Exponentially grown cells of the indicated strains were spotted in 10-fold serial dilution onto rich medium plates (YES).