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Potential protein–protein interaction network of CsSODs.

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posted on 10.10.2019, 17:39 by Chengzhe Zhou, Chen Zhu, Haifeng Fu, Xiaozhen Li, Lan Chen, Yuling Lin, Zhongxiong Lai, Yuqiong Guo

CsCSD2, CsCSD3, CsCSD5, and CsCSD6 were displayed as homologous CSD1 protein in A. thaliana; CsCSD4 and CsCSD7 were displayed as homologous CSD2 in A. thaliana; and CsCSD1 was displayed as homologous CSD3 in A. thaliana; CsFSD1 and CsFSD2 were displayed as homologous FSD2 and FSD3 proteins in A. thaliana, respectively. And CsMSD1 was displayed as homologous MSD1 protein in A. thaliana. The higher the interaction coefficient, the thicker the line between proteins, vice versa.