Postnatal deletion of the Bbs1 gene in the mediobasal hypothalamus increases weight gain and adiposity.

(A) Cre-mediated recombination in the mediobasal hypothalamus after AAV-Cre microinjection was visualized by td-Tomato expression in Bbs1fl/fl/td-Tomato mice. (B) Average weekly body weight changes after bilateral microinjection of AAV-GFP or AAV-Cre into the mediobasal hypothalamus of Bbs1fl/fl/td-Tomato mice (n = 8 females per group). (C-E) Representative MRI images (C), body composition (D) and cumulative 5 days food intake (E) of Bbs1fl/fl/td-Tomato mice received bilateral injection of AAV-GFP or AAV-Cre (n = 7 females per group). Data are means ± SEM, *P< 0.05 vs. AAV-GFP group.