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Pom does not induce CD80/B7-1 or PD-L1 surface expression in PEL cell lines or CD3 and CD28 in Jurkat T-cells.

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posted on 07.01.2021, 19:26 by Prabha Shrestha, David A. Davis, Hannah K. Jaeger, Alexandra Stream, Ashley I. Aisabor, Robert Yarchoan

(A) Surface expression levels of CD80/B7-1 in BCBL-1 or JSC-1 cells treated with indicated concentrations of Pom for 48 hours as measured by flow cytometry using PerCP/Cy5.5-conjugated anti-B7-1 antibody. (B) Surface expression of CD3 and CD28 on Jurkat T cells after 48 hours treatment with Pom measured by flow cytometry using FITC-conjugated anti-CD3 or anti-CD28 antibodies.