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Plasma epidermal growth factor (EGF) concentrations in horses and ponies.

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posted on 05.12.2019 by Melody A. de Laat, Robert J. Spence, Martin N. Sillence, Christopher C. Pollitt

A: The mean EGF concentrations did not differ between healthy horses (●; n = 4) and horses with insulin-induced laminitis (■; n = 4). B: In ponies (n = 16), the basal and post-prandial EGF concentrations were strongly correlated. C: When divided into healthy (n = 7) and insulin-dysregulated (ID; n = 9) groups, the ponies with insulin dysregulation tended to have higher basal (P = 0.08) and post-prandial (P = 0.05) EGF concentrations, compared to healthy ponies.