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Pictures of the species of Tetillidae studied.

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posted on 2016-08-24, 17:41 authored by Mirco Carella, Gemma Agell, Paco Cárdenas, Maria J. Uriz

A) Cinachyra barbata from Newmayer (Antarctica) arrows point to the porocalices. B) Transversal section of C. barbata: arrows point to the cortex and one porocalyx. C) Underwater picture of Cinachyra antarctica from McMurdo, (Antarctica). D) Transversal section of C. antarctica: arrows point to the collagenous cortex. E) Antarctotetilla leptoderma from South Georgia: arrows point to the unique osculum on top. F) Transversal section of A. leptoderma: arrows point to the dense ectosomal layer (pseudocortex). G) Antarctotetilla grandis from Newmayer, Antarctica: arrows point to the multiple oscula. H) Transversal section of A. grandis: arrows point to the slightly marked ectosomal layer. All the pictures are by the authors.