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Physical map and conceptual origin for different unc-29 duplication events.

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posted on 14.07.2016, 11:49 by Thomas B. Duguet, Claude L. Charvet, Sean G. Forrester, Claudia M. Wever, Joseph A. Dent, Cedric Neveu, Robin N. Beech

Panels A) to F) correspond to different paralogous families. An idealized history for each family is indicated to the left. A physical map for different species is shown to the right, based on genome data from WormBase ParaSite (WBPS2) or the Sanger Center haemonchus_V1 genome build from 2012. Arrows indicate extent of the gene from start to stop codon, where differences in length occur in introns. Direction of transcription is indicated for each gene and maps are drawn to scale, as indicated.