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Phylogenetic tree of GH9.

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posted on 23.06.2016, 07:01 by Chen Wu, Ross N. Crowhurst, Alice B. Dennis, Victoria G. Twort, Shanlin Liu, Richard D. Newcomb, Howard A. Ross, Thomas R. Buckley

Maximum likelihood tree for insect derived GH9 family nucleotide sequences. Nodes are annotated with species and GH9 paralogue numbers that were either obtained from NCBI or given in this study. Species belonging to Phasmatodea and Orthoptera clade, Isoptera clade and Blattodea clade are coloured with backgrounds in light green, yellow and purple respectively. The branch labels of C. hookeri, T. cristinae and Teleogryllus emma sequences are in red, blue and green respectively. Dashed box highlights the two C. hookeri specific cellulase lineages. The four C. hookeri cellulases identified from the genome assembly are marked with ‘*’. Numbers above branches are bootstrap proportions and values above 50 are shown. Scale bar represents branch lengths. The accession IDs of the sequences that are used for this phylogeny are in S3 Text.