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Phylogenetic tree of 48 predicted LHCs from the T. oceanica genome (CCMP 1005) aligned with 41 LHCs from T. pseudonana (CCMP 1335).

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posted on 24.08.2017, 17:57 authored by Anna A. Hippmann, Nina Schuback, Kyung-Mee Moon, John P. McCrow, Andrew E. Allen, Leonard J. Foster, Beverley R. Green, Maria T. Maldonado

Boxed THAOC LHCs have been identified at the protein level in this study. LHCs in grey shaded boxes with bold, black letters are significantly down-regulated and those in black shaded boxes with bold, white letters are significantly up-regulated in response to low Cu in TO03. The only significantly regulated LHC in TO05 is THAOC_08587 (up), which aligns closest to TpFCP7 (Table 2). Numbers on nodes are based on PhyML alertSH, aBayes, and standard bootstrap (100 replicates) and are expressed as percentages. Bootstrap values below 65% are not shown.