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Phylogenetic tree based on 16S rRNA gene fragment (1180bp) (A) and 16S-23S intergenic spacer and nearly full length of 23S rRNA domain I fragment (920bp) (B).

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posted on 26.09.2017, 17:36 by Agata Mitura, Krzysztof Niemczuk, Kinga Zaręba, Magdalena Zając, Karine Laroucau, Monika Szymańska-Czerwińska

Representative sequences of established Chlamydiaceae species as well as strains encountered in reptilian hosts were included. S. negevensis strain Z was used as an outgroup. Bayesian inference with a 1000 replicates bootstrap was applied. Sequences obtained in this study are in bold: IAS turtles are marked blue, E. orbicularis red, and tortoises were left black; bar corresponds to number of substitutions per site.