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Phylogenetic tree and motif composition of TcWRKY proteins.

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posted on 30.10.2017 by Dayanne Silva Monteiro de Almeida, Daniel Oliveira Jordão do Amaral, Luiz-Eduardo Del-Bem, Emily Bronze dos Santos, Raner José Santana Silva, Karina Peres Gramacho, Michel Vincentz, Fabienne Micheli

A. Phylogenetic tree (left side of the figure) and motif composition of the TcWRKY proteins (right side), obtained using the MEGA v.5.1 and the MEME programs, respectively. The phylogenetic tree contains 58 TcWRKY proteins (excluding Tc00_g017240, Tc02_g001170 and Tc02_g012180). WRKY groups are indicated in red. B. Motif detail of the three first most probable motifs (WRKY C-terminal, C2H2 and WRKY N-terminal motifs) of the TcWRKY proteins, obtained by the MEME program. C. Organization of the 60 TcWRKY proteins (excluding Tc02_g012180) in 6 categories by domain combination using the SuperFamily database. The numbers indicated on the left represent the number of cacao WRKY proteins in each category.