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Phylogenetic distribution of A. thaliana RING finger proteins within seven RING domains.

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posted on 31.08.2018 by Domingo Jiménez-López, Francisco Muñóz-Belman, Juan Manuel González-Prieto, Victor Aguilar-Hernández, Plinio Guzmán

The tree was generated with the RING finger domain from 508 RING finger polypeptide sequences of A. thaliana by the NJ (left) or ML (right) methods. RING-H2 and RING-HC domains are highlighted in gray and blue shades, respectively. Color codes highlighting RING-v, RING-C2, RING-D, RING-S/T, and RING-G are indicated. Misplaced sequences are denoted with arrowheads followed by the family code name. From proteins that contain two RING domains, the sequence from the domain that is present in all members of the family was used to build the tree (12 out the 38 RING sequences from FCH01, five out the six RING sequences from FCH07, one RING sequence from both LHC01 and LHC04; see S1 Table).