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Phylogenetic analysis of 10 viral genome segments of PRV, including Nachunsulwe-57.

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posted on 2021-09-07, 17:52 authored by Hayato Harima, Michihito Sasaki, Yasuko Orba, Kosuke Okuya, Yongjin Qiu, Christida E. Wastika, Katendi Changula, Masahiro Kajihara, Edgar Simulundu, Tomoyuki Yamaguchi, Yoshiki Eto, Akina Mori-Kajihara, Akihiko Sato, Satoshi Taniguchi, Ayato Takada, Masayuki Saijo, Bernard M. Hang’ombe, Hirofumi Sawa

Phylogenetic trees based on the nucleotide sequence of the complete L1-L3, M1-M3, and S1-S4 segments were constructed using the maximum likelihood method with 1,000 bootstrap replicates. The specie of Avian orthoreovirus was included as the outer group. Bootstrap values greater than 70% are shown on the interior branch nodes, and scale bars indicate the number of substitutions per site. Black circles represent the isolated PRV, Nachunsulwe-57. The triangles and squares represent PRV strains identified in humans and monkeys, respectively, while the other PRV strains were identified in bats. The Kasama strain was not included in the phylogenetic tree of L3 segment because the complete sequence of the Kasama strain L3 segment could not be obtained. Abbreviation: ARV-138, Avian orthoreovirus strain 138.