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Phevalin inhibits activation of primary human neutrophils.

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posted on 15.09.2016, 04:30 by Sebastian Blättner, Sudip Das, Kerstin Paprotka, Ursula Eilers, Markus Krischke, Dorothee Kretschmer, Christian W. Remmele, Marcus Dittrich, Tobias Müller, Christina Schuelein-Voelk, Tobias Hertlein, Martin J. Mueller, Bruno Huettel, Richard Reinhardt, Knut Ohlsen, Thomas Rudel, Martin J. Fraunholz

Addition of synthetic phevalin inhibits activation of primary human neutrophils. By loading PMN with the calcium-sensitive fluorophore Fluo3 and flow cytometry we determined calcium flux upon addition of external stimuli as a proxy for PMN activation. Pre-incubation of PMN with 5 or 10 μM phevalin led to a significant decrease of calcium flux when PMN were stimulated with fMLF, MMK, or dilutions of culture supernatant of S. aureus wild type (0.09%) or a mutant in PSMs (USA300Δαβδ; 0.75%). Depicted is Fluo3 fluorescence units with RPMI-treated PMN set to 0.