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Phenotype of S-Ag specific T cells detected by intracellular cytokine staining

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posted on 31.12.2011, 20:38 by Changlin Zhao, Peizeng Yang, Hao He, Xiaomin Lin, Bing Li, Hongyan Zhou, Xiangkun Huang, Aize Kijlstra
PBMCs from the active BD patients with a response to S-Ag were cultured with or without mixed S-Ag peptides plus anti-CD28 mAb and then were stained and examined by five color FCM. Lymphocytes were first gated using Forward Scatter (FSC) combined with Side Scatter (SSC), and then the CD3CD8 and CD3CD8 cells were gated for analyzing the expression of IFN-γ in CD4 T cells and the expression of IFN-γ in CD8 T cells. Lastly, the expressions of CD69 and CD45RO molecules on IFN-γCD4 and IFN-γCD8 T cells were analyzed, respectively. : The charts show the phenotypic feature of S-Ag specific T cells of one representative active BD patient. : The chart represents the expression of IFN-γ as the percentage of total CD4 or CD8 T cells in six different patients. Data were analyzed by Student’s -test.

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Taken from "S-antigen specific T helper type 1 response is present in Behcet’s disease"

Molecular Vision 2008;14():1456-1464.

Published online 07 Aug 2008



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