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Phase modulation and insulin secretion.

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posted on 24.02.2017, 19:33 by Boah Lee, Taegeun Song, Kayoung Lee, Jaeyoon Kim, Seungmin Han, Per-Olof Berggren, Sung Ho Ryu, Junghyo Jo

(A) Glucose-dependent shape factor, s(G). Phase-modulated time traces of Ca2+ oscillations at 8 mM (green) and 15 mM (orange) glucose. (B) Insulin secretion (solid line), s(G)⋅r(G), decomposed into the shape factor, s(G), and amplitude (dotted line), r(G). The symbols represent experimental data from Bergsten [41] (square), Henquin [42] (circle), and Gylfe [43] (triangle). The insulin secretion is normalized to have a maximal value at 20 mM glucose.