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posted on 17.09.2022, 07:25 authored by Javier VinósJavier Vinós

a) Left scale, GEOCARB III Phanerozoic atmospheric CO2 levels in ppm after Berner RA and Kothavala Z (2001) GEOCARB III: a revised model of atmospheric CO2 over Phanerozoic time. American Journal of Science 301 (2) 182-204; Multi-proxy CO2 reconstruction with 95% confidence and least squares fit after Foster GL, Royer DL and Lunt DJ (2017) Future climate forcing potentially without precedent in the last 420 million years. Nature Communications 8 p14845; CO2 reconstruction from Δ13C isotopic inorganic/organic carbon fractionation with uncertainty after Rothman DH (2002) Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels for the last 500 million years. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (7) 4167-4171; COPSE model after Bergman NM, Lenton TM and Watson AJ (2004) COPSE: a new model of biogeochemical cycling over Phanerozoic time. American Journal of Science 304 (5) 397-437; Horizontal dotted line is AD 1750 CO2 level of 270 ppm. Right scale, combined tectonic rate in standardized values and linear regression after Vérard C, Hochard C, Baumgartner PO et al (2015) Geodynamic evolution of the Earth over the Phanerozoic: Plate tectonic activity and palaeoclimatic indicators. Journal of Palaeogeography 4 (2) 167-188. b) Alternating Warm and Cool Modes, after Frakes LA, Francis JE and Syktus JI (1992) Climate modes of the Phanerozoic. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge; Ice rafting evidence (ice blue areas) after Frakes LA and Francis JE (1988) A guide to Phanerozoic cold polar climates from high-latitude ice-rafting in the Cretaceous. Nature 333 (6173) 547-549; direct geological evidence for glaciation (azure and blue areas) after Crowley TJ (1998) Significance of tectonic boundary conditions for paleoclimate simulations. In: Crowley TJ and Burke K (eds) Tectonic boundary conditions for climate reconstructions. Oxford monographs on geology and geophysics 39. Oxford University Press, New York, p 3-20. c) Phanerozoic temperature reconstructions after Frakes LA, Francis JE and Syktus JI (1992) Climate modes of the Phanerozoic. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge; after Scotese CR (2018) Phanerozoic Temperatures: Tropical Mean Annual Temperature (TMAT), Polar Mean Annual Temperature (PMAT) and Global Mean Annual Temperature (GMAT) for the last 540 million Earth's Temperature. History Research Workshop, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC 30-31 Mar 2018 ; after Veizer J, Godderis Y and François LM (2000) Evidence for decoupling of atmospheric CO2 and global climate during the Phanerozoic eon. Nature 408 (6813) 698-701; and after Royer DL, Berner RA, Montañez IP et al (2004) CO2 as a primary driver of phanerozoic climate. GSA today 14 (3) 4-10

Citation: Vinós J (2022) Climate of the Past, Present and Future. A scientific debate, 2nd ed. Critical Science Press. Madrid