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Performance of age-based TasP in sensitivity experiment in simulations [Table 3, perturbation 14] in which all of the primary age-related risk factors except for age-related homophily were removed (i.e., in a model in which relationship durations, transmission rates, and probabilities were all independent of age).

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posted on 17.12.2019, 18:33 by John E. Mittler, James T. Murphy, Sarah E. Stansfield, Kathryn Peebles, Geoffrey S. Gottlieb, Neil F. Abernethy, Molly C. Reid, Steven M. Goodreau, Joshua T. Herbeck

(a) Incidence 20–25 years after the TasP campaign. (b) AIDS deaths between years 0 and 25. (c) Person-years of therapy. (d) Percentage of HIV+ people initiating treatment at the start of the TasP campaign who were not a member of a target group. Error bars present standard deviations based on 32 replicates.