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Perceptions encompassing mobility and pandemic.

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posted on 01.02.2021, 18:24 by Diego Maria Barbieri, Baowen Lou, Marco Passavanti, Cang Hui, Inge Hoff, Daniela Antunes Lessa, Gaurav Sikka, Kevin Chang, Akshay Gupta, Kevin Fang, Arunabha Banerjee, Brij Maharaj, Louisa Lam, Navid Ghasemi, Bhaven Naik, Fusong Wang, Ali Foroutan Mirhosseini, Sahra Naseri, Zhuangzhuang Liu, Yaning Qiao, Andrew Tucker, Kasun Wijayaratna, Prince Peprah, Solomon Adomako, Lei Yu, Shubham Goswami, Hao Chen, Benan Shu, Amir Hessami, Montasir Abbas, Nithin Agarwal, Taha Hossein Rashidi

Perceived probability of contracting COVID-19 (A) and perceived effectiveness of curbing COVID-19 (B) for transport modes according to a Likert-type scale varying from “1 = extremely low/ineffective” to “7 = extremely high/effective”. Perceived time needed by the transportation sector to completely recover (C) according to the scale “1 = less than 6 months”, “2 = between 6 and 12 months”, “3 = between 12 and 18 months”, “4 = between 18 and 24 months”, “5 = more than 24 months”.