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Percent relative abundance of bacterial phyla in the cecum of wild and captive ptarmigans based on shotgun metagenomic data.

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posted on 2019-03-11, 17:37 authored by Alejandro Salgado-Flores, Alexander T. Tveit, Andre-Denis Wright, Phil B. Pope, Monica A. Sundset

Bar charts illustrates the taxonomical relative diversity of bacteria at phylum level from SSU sequences benchmarked against the SilvaMod rRNA reference database as described in material and methods section. Wild rock ptarmigan northern Norway (NPW) (n = 4); wild Svalbard rock ptarmigan (SPW) (n = 4); captive Svalbard ptarmigan exposed to long (CP24h) (n = 4) or short (CP6h) (n = 4) photoperiods.