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Patterns of viral migration jointly estimated across the 5 internal protein gene segments.

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posted on 2013-08-29, 06:35 authored by Justin Bahl, Scott Krauss, Denise Kühnert, Mathieu Fourment, Garnet Raven, S. Paul Pryor, Lawrence J. Niles, Angela Danner, David Walker, Ian H. Mendenhall, Yvonne C. F. Su, Vivien G. Dugan, Rebecca A. Halpin, Timothy B. Stockwell, Richard J. Webby, David E. Wentworth, Alexei J. Drummond, Gavin J. D. Smith, Robert G. Webster

Lines connecting discrete regions indicate statistically supported ancestral state changes and are thickened according to statistical support. There are five categories of support. The thinnest lines indicate 6≤BF<10 (supported); 10≤BF<30 (strong support); 30≤BF<100 (very strong support) and the thickest lines with BF≤100 (decisive support). Dashed lines indicate statistical supports between 3≤BF<6 but with posterior probabilities <0.5.


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