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Patient airway microbiota composition.

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posted on 2017-03-30, 17:30 authored by Dana M. Walsh, Shaun D. McCullough, Scott Yourstone, Samuel W. Jones, Bruce A. Cairns, Corbin D. Jones, Ilona Jaspers, David Diaz-Sanchez

OTUs identified as the families Streptococcaceae and Enterobacteriaceae dominate the airway microbiota within 72 hours following burn and inhalation injury. (A) The microbiota composition among patients with hypoxemia. (B) The microbiota composition among patients without hypoxemia. Each horizontal bar represents an individual patient microbiota normalized to 100%. Different colored sections within each bar indicate abundance of specific families. The category ‘Other’ includes bacterial taxa present at less than 1% of the total community. (n = 24)