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PRISMA flow diagram.

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posted on 13.05.2016 by Tim Szewczyk, Christy M. McCain

Flow diagram showing the selection process for studies on ant elevational diversity. Database searches returned 67 possible data sources. Several studies used previously published data, leaving 59 unique datasets. Of those, 19 were excluded due to either insufficient elevational diversity data (I) or just a scattering of sampling sites spread across multiple gradients (M). The remaining 40 were evaluated using the a priori criteria (see text), with 20 excluded due to heavy disturbance (D), elevational sampling gaps >500m (G), lack of sampling within the lowest 400m (L), sampling of less than 70% of the gradient (P), elevationally biased or minimal sampling (S), or some combination. See additional transect details in S2 Table and additional PRISMA details in S2 Text.