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Oxford plot of the positions of presumptive orthologies between linkage groups and human chromosomes

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posted on 2011-12-31, 02:31 authored by Jeramiah J Smith, S Randal Voss

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Taken from "Gene order data from a model amphibian (): new perspectives on vertebrate genome structure and evolution"

BMC Genomics 2006;7():219-219.

Published online 29 Aug 2006


Lines represent the boundaries of chromosomes (horizontal) and linkage groups (vertical). Dots represent the relative position of orthologs within the map. Orthologs that are members of synteny groups of three or more are shown in black. Orthologs that are members of significant (FISH) segmental homologies are shown in red. Some smaller chromosomes are not labeled. All chromosomes are presented ordinally from bottom to top.