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Overview of the 6-plex mycotoxin immunoassay: Mycotoxin mAb coupled paramagnetic beads and a mixture of mycotoxin specific reporter molecules (mycotoxins coupled to R-phycoerythrin) are added to a diluted beer sample.

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posted on 05.10.2017, 09:12 by Jeroen Peters, Ruud van Dam, Ronald van Doorn, David Katerere, Franz Berthiller, Willem Haasnoot, Michel W. F. Nielen

Competition occurs between the free mycotoxins present in the beer and the added mycotoxin-reporter molecules for antibody interaction on the beads. Next, the beads are captured at the bottom of the well by magnetic force. Remaining, non-interacting, assay components are removed by washing. Beads are then measured using a red light source for mycotoxin assay classification and a green light source for quantification of the reporter signal.