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Overall profiling of the eight groups and abnormal metabolism in cancer.

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posted on 10.01.2017 by Yang QuanJun, Yang GenJin, Wan LiLi, Han YongLong, Huo Yan, Li Jie, Huang JinLu, Lu Jin, Gan Run, Guo Cheng

Score plot of the eight groups (A) shows treatment differences. The summary of pairwise metabolomics analysis of the model represents the cumulative R2X, R2Y and Q2 levels (B). The score plot and S-plot of the pairwise analysis of cancer and control groups reveal altered metabolites including creatine, UDP-glucose, VLDL/LDL, glycerol, TMAO, taurine, carnosine, lactate, acetone, glutamate, and aspartate (C).