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Osmoregulatory organ VHA protein levels.

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posted on 2018-10-23, 17:34 authored by Salman Malakpour Kolbadinezhad, João Coimbra, Jonathan M. Wilson

Relative western blotting expression of VHA B subunit in the gill (a), kidney (b) and posterior intestine (c) of P. lineatus acclimated to [brackish water (BW), brackish water ligated (BW-L) 3‰, seawater (SW), and seawater ligated (SW-L) 34‰] conditions. Values are presented as means ± S.D of protein abundance (n = 5–6). The asterisks indicate significant differences between the groups where there was an interaction of salinity and ligation, two-way ANOVA and SNK. Differences between non-ligation (nL) and ligation (L) are also indicated. (P < 0.05). Sham non-ligated data are from Malakpour Kolbadinezhad et al. [24].