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Ordination plot of the Jaccard dissimilarity index of AMR gene patterns between groups.

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posted on 11.06.2020, 17:33 by Ana A. Weil, Meti D. Debela, Daniel M. Muyanja, Bernard Kakuhikire, Charles Baguma, David R. Bangsberg, Alexander C. Tsai, Peggy S. Lai

The proportion of unshared AMR genes out of the total number of AMR genes detected between any two samples is shown. More similar samples will appear closer together on the plot. The ellipse depicts the 95% confidence ellipse around each sample group. At baseline, there were no statistically significant differences between AMR gene patterns between intervention and control groups (PERMANOVA R2 = 0.081), whereas at 12 months, there was a trend towards different AMR gene patterns (PERMANOVA p = 0.09) between intervention and control groups.