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Optimal survey patterns in the solutions with tree removal and the survey-only problem 1 and 2 solutions.

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posted on 23.08.2019, 17:25 authored by Denys Yemshanov, Robert G. Haight, Cuicui Chen, Ning Liu, Christian J. K. MacQuarrie, Frank H. Koch, Robert Venette, Krista Ryall

Project budget $0.8M: a) survey-only problem 1 solution; c) survey-only problem 2 solution; e) optimal survey solution with tree removal. Project budget $4M: b) survey-only problem 1 solution; d) survey-only problem 2 solution; f) optimal survey solution with tree removal. The survey cost portions in the $0.8M and $4M project budgets are approximately $0.019M and $0.059M.