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Oligomycin treatment inhibited pollen tube growth in a manner distinct from the pgkc-1 mutant phenotype.

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posted on 2018-04-27, 17:37 authored by Wei Chen, Pingping Gong, Jingzhe Guo, Hui Li, Ruizi Li, Weiman Xing, Zhenbiao Yang, Yuefeng Guan

(A) WT pollen tubes subjected to mock treatment. (B) WT pollen tubes treated with 40 nM oligomycin. Scale bar = 50μm. (C) Average length of 50 pollen tubes. (D) Average width of 50 pollen tubes. Bars represent mean ± SEM. Asterisks indicate significant differences versus mock treatment group as determined using Student’s t-test (* = p < 0.05).